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Vol. III & IV: Cult of the Void

by Seer

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Convoy reduced to utter decay Eyes encrusted Blind men search for a thoroughfare Finding ourselves Between sand and void We speak in tongues Solidified in the illusions of motion Peripheral stigmatism Unscathed, unaware Stitched into the fabric of existence Who then is wiser? The leaden veteran who's foresight failed Or the pallid youth who knows now These wounds are not the type to heal Fucked pilgrimage  Cursed lineage Bodies beg the ancient sands Accept surrender, become one Kneel where the Rot Preacher stands
Acid Sweat 04:11
In the words of the ditch digger: The winds push the sand The sand fills the holes Crippled Skin worn away Bloodied  Digging his grave His father His father’s father He buried his family He murders his brother  He eyes the company We hold out the seeds Despite his thirst He spits at our feet He stares as we depart  A shell of a man His last words never heard As his lungs fill with sand Ditch digger Getting stiff Drawing flies
In a sea of baron Quantum fluctuation  Through dark forces Polarize the divine balance Like skeletons of trees Void of consciousness They are not of his blood Nor his kin The rift wanderer walks  Between the cracks of past civilizations A foreigner within the realm of man He is unfragile Poisoned by the milk From the creature’s breast Nature’s burden becomes his Becomes him He does not seek reparations But refuge in a grave A cosmic tomb Fit for the dead They speak
The smoke rises from the funeral pyre He watches as his remains contort at the will of the winds  Much as his body did in life  They pushed and pulled at his skin The ancients called to deaf ears A primordial instinct disowned  He walked among the ones who walk And fell amongst those who die  He who built the shape  And denied his form be shaped by them He who fought his ways The smoke consumes him  Come, enter the salt circle  Discern this use for the dead A shorter path is revealed  By he who eats his time The symbol grants his passage He is embraced within Spirit coalesced He, the great waste
A line drawn in the sand Where on one side death reigns  On the other  Life sprouts abruptly from the earth  Branches entangle limbs Sinking to our knees The old ones ponder our intention Now at the mercy of the trees Gaia's stronghold Her last gasping breath No great man in our presence  Lesser men have reduced her to this
The bonds fall away Passage is granted  Along the spirit river Along the holy river Proceed
Beset by tree and fog Our sisters disappear  Silent into thin air The mother tastes death Hood sneers His vile limbs find purchase  She recoils A mass grave Generations wide Our children lay Faceless
The man from another place lays atop his funeral pyre The deathrone of a king But not of here Not of this place Not of here Not of this world Fated Tribe of Shuggnyth Bearers of the void Who bore witness to the pillars of creation To kneel here in the halls of extinction Behold the tool of your undoing To light the fire To shift the poles To stop the rot To end the world The man has seen things We know The man has pondered existence But we know The man is a conductor We know it well The man lives in a dream We know it all too well And we never sleep The solution Darkness Only darkness The void has spoken To spark life In the heat death A seed is planted No rebirth is without pain Take us


released July 7, 2017

Bronson Lee Norton - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Madison Norton - Drums
Josh Campbell - Bass Guitar, Synth
Kyle Tavares - Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals, Synth

Recorded and mixed by Stuart McKillop at Rain City Recorders in Vancouver, BC
Mastered by James Plotkin at Plotkinworks in Bethlehem, PA

Artwork by Waguna Wiryawan
Layout by Ogino Design


all rights reserved



Seer Vancouver, British Columbia

Headlong into the Glimmervoid

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